LGFA Membership

For LGFA Adult & LGFA Youth membership, please follow below steps:

(Please note LGFA Youth caters for Girls aged 7 and older only. For girls aged under 7, see the Juvenile section.)

  1. If you have previously registered as player, parent or coach on the Foireann App/Website for another season, then please log on to your account and follow from Step 3 below.
  2. If you have not already registered for any reason, then please Log into Foireann (https://www.foireann.ie ) and register as a new user. Please complete your profile with your name, email address and mobile number.
  3. Next you need to set up your family i.e. any other parents and your children. (See separate guide on how to do this if unsure).
  4. Next you need click on the “membership” tab from the menu shown in red on left side and you will be presented with a screen similar to below. Depending on whether you have children playing with the LGFA only, Juvenile Only or both LGFA and Juvenile, you will either have both or just one club shown. In the example below, both Milltown LGFA club and Milltown GAA club are shown.

  5. Please select the appropriate club you wish to register your child with i.e. Milltown LGFA. Please note if you have children playing both LGFA and Juvenile, you will need to complete separate registrations from this point.
  6. Once you click on the relevant club, then select the appropriate membership option e.g. “LGFA Youth x 3 Children” (in the example below) and click “register” in your selected option.

  7. Once you click register it will bring up a screen similar to below. In the example below because I had selected the “LGFA Youth x 3 Children” it brings up 3 boxes for “Youth 1”, “Youth2” and “Youth 3”.
  8. When you click on the drop down for each it will bring up available members in your family to register (provided you have already set up your family).
  9. Proceed with the remaining steps until payment is made.